• Leadership Advisor Program

    "Thank you for all your amazing energy, hard work & sense of humour. This program would not have 'gotten up' let alone be so successful without you. It's been great!"

     FC, Colleague
  • Visionary Leadership Workshops

    "The informal feedback on these workshops has been phenomenal - your support of these events, authenticity and credibility is so important to us, & your involvement enabled us to achieve that. Everyone loved all the practical ideas you had!"

     PM, Executive
  • Strategic Planning

    "Thank you for your expertise, resources and challenging us! We felt we had reached a plateau and we need to establish this team to create innovative ideas to move the school forward. Would never have happened without you"

     DP, Coordinator
  • Mentoring - Career Development

    "Thank you so much for your support with the application process. The panel was completed last night and I have won the job - very excited!"

     CS, Successful Applicant - Deputy Principal
  • Coaching

    "Thank you for ongoing support as well as stretching of me in your role as my coach – I know how much I am growing in this new position"

     GK, New Principal
  • Strategic Planning

    "I loved working with you and really appreciated having your intellect, ability to make things happen, and your work around skills when the road blocks arrived and your wit and sense of humor"

     EW, Executive - Education
  • Leadership Workshop

    "Lynne was a great presenter. Her enthusiasm and expertise was very inspiring and gave me confidence to endeavour taking risks".

     NG, Workshop Participant
  • Coaching

    "My frame of mind and confidence is so much better, since we began working together"

     TR, Principal
Make your Learning Better with Us!
After forty years working inside the education system, twenty five as a principal I decided to leave as I wanted to use my expertise and passion to work in a different way - to work with people on thinking about schooling and leadership differently such that we could make learning better for our children, young people and of course the adults who work with them. I have now worked successfully with well over 200 clients and I know our bespoke personalised approach works. You can read more about the scope of my work, including downloadable presentations & takeaways via the link below.
Social Media
Social Media has always been a passion as I believe it is critical we engage with the media of this century. As such follow my adventures in various new media avenues.
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