My career as a public speaker began in the 1970’s when as a young Maths/Science teacher I got the statewide job to convince more young women to choose Maths and Science for careers. I did that by telling my story and not only did the girls identify with the story the numbers  of girls who chose science subjects and careers directly increased. My “sideline” as a public speaker was born.

I am passionate that teachers and educational leaders must get better at telling the story – both their personal story and the narrative of their school. To this end all my talks are titled “A Narrative on….”

As a speaker on innovation my talks and workshops focus on the story of MOC and how we focussed on making learning better. We did this by building cultural capacity for all and not only thinking about schooling differently but also enacting much of that thinking!

It is well documented that we significantly improved the educational and life outcomes for our students.

As a motivational speaker, I tap into a theme with the audience and challenge them to look at their world from a new perspective such that they will want to experience and achieve so much more.

Services include:-

  • keynotes on variety of  themes educational and leadership
  • keynotes and workshops on innovation and innovative thinking in education
  • Staff meetings and workshops to support a team(s) uniting to reach a common goal
  • presentations and workshops on leadership that can be tailor-made for the group as one-off sessions or a series.

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