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Self -care is a word (or two words) that should become as important as instructional leadership. We need to start taking care of ourselves – not just continuously focussing on the wellbeing and health of everyone else – kids, staff and parents.

Systems will not help you do this – it must start with you!

This always become an audience generated topic in any workshop I facilitate.

First question – When did you last have a full physical check up? If it was more than 12 months ago then that is too long. Make that booking now ad don’t do it on the weekend or after work – the likelihood is you have a ton of sick leave – take a day to do it.

Practice what you preach to others!

Second question – Who do you have to coach you or debrief with? This is part of your daily professional business and you should fund it just as you would office supplies, and it probably costs less.

There are many great coaches and mentors available, if you would like to talk with us about options then email or phone 0419827143.

Below are four of my current favourite articles on the topic – as usual always short and pithy.

Take Care



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