MLB PERSPECTIVES November 14 2016.

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As some of my “old” colleagues well know I have struggled with blogs and the such like since 2013 when I made the commitment to write a principal’s perspective (or blog) weekly! Did it, but the effort nearly killed me and every attempt since then has been a one-off!

So I thought I would begin some sort of erratic writing again as I have a new (much more relaxed) role. This writing incantation would be different in that it is more a collection or curation of interesting articles, blogs or videos that have hit my screens over the previous little while – I am aiming for fortnightly but too scared to make any promises – this could actually be the first and last MLB PERSPECTIVES.

The other concept was to gather some material around a theme. So to this first attempt I wanted to talk around some ideas about working in teams. To that end the first article I would commend to you is George Ambler’s –”Build Psychological Safety. It’s the Foundation of Team Performance“.

“Speaking up and sharing ideas at work can be difficult. People are often afraid that their boss, colleagues or those considered experts won’t like what they have to say. This fear causes people to hold back on their ideas, questions and concerns. People in teams with low psychological safety are also reluctant to disclose errors, seek feedback or ask for help. These behaviours reduce the team’s ability to collaborate, to learn, to make effective decisions and to improve their performance”

(Tom Barrett in his Dialogic Weekly also highlights an article on a similar theme “What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team“)

As I “do my work” in schools as either a Curious Stranger or Leadership Advisor it is this issue that occurs and reoccurs- folks need to feel they are valued, can make mistakes and it is a safe environment to discuss issues with colleagues – and often their reality is that it is not!

I found “Overcome 68% Disengagement With Goldstein’s 5 Principles Of Engagement” by The Leadership Freak (aka Dan Rockwell and he publishes articles/blogs very frequently – sigh) highlighting Goldstein’s principles of engagement really helpful in supporting psychological safety of teams

“In traditional organizations, management is about taking control, not giving it. No wonder disengagement scores hover around 70%. The 5 essentials for engagement are:-

  • Trust
  • Training
  • Tools
  • Priorities. Knowing what’s important.
  • Giving control. The people doing the work exercise the most control over the work”

So with all that I am still amazed that often the colleagues I work with who have great self awareness, high emotional intelligence, are politically astute often do not see that in a team the issues may be theirs and they may be the “problem”. It all got to hard to write down so I experimented with a three minute video  (sorry for the quality)  – ” Who is the Resistor?” I would welcome any feedback


On another note clearly we are living in interesting times and whilst the geopolitical events of the last week were a tad overwhelming I was also incredibly saddened by the death of Leonard Cohen – felt like another touchstone of modern politics and folklore had gone. So I was utterly delighted to discover the massed public choir version of Hallelujah and it is Canadian as well!

Finally if you have time there are some great blogs around and one of my current favorites is by another export from @MOCB12- the amazing ColetteBos who is following her passions in positive education and student voice – check out  Wellbeing for Learning

Off traveling around South Australia this week (it is grand fun) and then we go (on a holiday) beginning in Hong Kog next week. Theoretically there could be another MLB Perspectives in about two weeks!

Take care



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