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For those of you returning to schools in SA this week I hope you have had the most restful two weeks and that term two is full of positive productive energy.

I spent most of the last two weeks off line, reading trashy crime novels and simply enjoying walking freely again- although I would love to be able to fit my foot into more than three pairs of sneakers – truly a first world problem I know!

During term one I had the pleasure of working in a wide variety of schools coaching, supporting leadership development or reflecting with school communities – the curious stranger role. There is one recurring theme in all that body of work and that is CONNECTEDNESS.

It has become my new “obsession”. The degree of connective tissue (connectedness) in a school community is now my measure of the positive culture of a school. This connectedness is physical (observable and measurable) and the stronger those connections are then the more successful and healthier it is for students, staff and the wider community

I have been exploring with schools

  • Their facilities connections – from classrooms, building to building, corridors, outside areas even room numbers and school maps. There are so many ways that we can improve the connectivity without huge spends and it makes such a difference.
  • The curriculum connections – is it documented, across the school, are the agreements in place, adhered to and supported around assessment, pedagogy, content? Are we visiting and sharing across classrooms- as curious strangers?
  • How are the people connecting–is it all left to chance in the staff room and offices, are the conversations just performance management meetings or opportunities for mutual exploration?
  • Do the children and young people “belong” or do they see themselves as just passing through for 5 hours a day?
  • Connections outside the school fence and day- with the local community, professional communities, schools down the road and across the world?

I am going to do a more detailed presentation on video sometime later however I would love to talk with anyone interested in exploring the concept more and talking about the importance of connectedness.

One of the results of that work has seen me develop my first stand alone workshop it is a half day on Friday June 2 -end week 5 . The cost is $99 per participant with the option of a follow up 30 minute personal session (further $99) – The 1:1 session will either be face to face on a Saturday or by phone/skype.

The workshop is based on some of the key elements of the Talking Leadership series, particularly getting participants to examine their own behavior and take leadership in their own career. Below is the flyer if you have anyone interested-bookings can be made at Talking Leadership – It Starts with You

Take care


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