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Welcome to the second newsletter for 2017.  Their frequency is still  a work in progress as is the recovery from my broken ankle! On the ankle – over the last few days we have returned the myriad of hired mobility aids and I have removed the moon boot and begun hobbling to rehab. Last step (pardon the pun) is to begin driving again – hopefully next week!
However the ankle did not really stop me getting out and about. Over the last two weeks we drove over 3000 kms as I worked as a coach, curious stranger and presenter in Sydney, Adelaide, Loxton and Whyalla.

One of the projects that started last year and have been just released is the Leading Schools in Technology podcasts. The first two podcasts (Saved by Technology and Empowering Students) can now be downloaded via iTunes. I  really enjoyed being part of the series and actually quite proud to have been selected. The interviews by Kate Arnott are great and the leaders interviewed are from some of the most innovative schools across Australia – both private and public.

Through other work I have become quite partial to three new terms – please feel free to use them

  • SLOTH  Goals – Somewhat vague, Lack commitment, Open ended, Timid and Hard to achieve- sound familiar?
  • KLUDGE solution- is a workaround or quick-and-dirty solution that is clumsy, inelegant, inefficient, and hard to maintain – often gives different camps the idea that they are getting their way- but the practical result is that no-one gets what they want- sound familiar?
  • RUBBER DUCK Problem Solving. Describe your problem out loud in as simple as possible language to a rubber duck – real or imagined. Great to clear your head and reduce the problem to it’s most simple. There’s something magical about stating your problems aloud that makes the solution more clear- possibly less SLOTH Goals an KLUDGE solutions

Some of the main sources for  the daily  Make Learning Better Facebook page articles are the free news feeds.  The following are some of my favourites.

In addition you can also get for free straight to your inbox the Washington Post, Medium (a collation of many articles) plus many others.

George Couros – The Principal of Change  George is one of the most prolific tweeters, bloggers  and “thought leaders” in American education. His Innovators Mindset can come directly to your inbox.  Currently running a pretty massive MOOC – Innovator’s Mindset Massive Open Online Course- you can still join.

My  favourite articles since last time are:-

I hope  that with the beginning of the academic year well and truly gone that your workloads are still manageable and your world reasonably calm.

Take care until next time



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