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Welcome to my first newsletter for 2017.  This newsletter is posted alternate “weeks” to my videos. It is a complement to the Make Learning Better Facebook page in that it highlights  articles, websites that have been posted during the previous period – plus a few others that might not have made the page.

It always promises to be “short sharp and shiny” – it should be less than a 5 minute read.

In my first newsletter for 2017 I wanted to share some bits –

Facebook Pages

A few of my favourite Facebook feeds – with more next time.

Facebook Groups you may like to join – these two are challenging thinking about education- both are closed however you just need to apply to join –

Newsletters straight to your inbox – there are heaps – here are two of my favourites- again more next time!

TED Talks


Craig Smith’s brilliant site – Autism Pedagogy – I am incredibly biased having worked with Craig and think he is “one out of the box”  do yourself a favour and check out the site. If ever you get to go to a workshop with Craig make sure you get there!


A couple of articles that did not make it to the Facebook Page but that you may be interested in

In every newsletter I will highlight other interesting bits and their sources.

Finally have a great start to the new school year – even with my broken ankle I am have just had a great session as a Curious Stranger at Marryatville HS and will follow that up with both ongoing Alliance work with the secondary schools in Whyalla and delivering Session One of the Talking Leadership Program.

Take care


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