It is a New Year with a (New) Plan

January 12, 2017 0 comments

I am really excited about what this year will bring in our ongoing educational adventure to make learning better for children and adults!

After just over 6 months of working for myself I think I have a plan! A plan which I hope continues to have some rebel in it!

The key elements of my work continue to be:-

  • Curious Stranger (not a critical friend) – working with school communities on improving their educational practice – clearly with a focus on innovation.
  • Leadership Advisor (coach, mentor,champion) – working with individual leaders or leadership teams to support and improve their own personal professional processes.

However my framework and “story” around that work that will change for 2017 and what follows are my 2017 New Year’s resolutions around my telling of the make learning better story.

Facebook – I will  use this forum to publish more of my own thinking and work around making learning better. This will now include “graphics”. The photos I use as backgrounds for these comments/ sayings are generally those of my fb friends- this also makes them to me very cool! There will still be a few shared posts every day – however most articles and links will now go into a fortnightly newsletter.

Newsletter – I will publish MLB Perspectives as a simple newsletter once per fortnight. Whilst hosted on this site it will also be sent via email to the Make Learning Better Community (working on how to collect email addresses right now).The major focus of the newsletter will  be the curating and publishing of the amazing number and variety of education and leadership posts that I get and look at in a short two week period. Toward the end of last year I ended up publishing via face book 10 or more links per day – over 50 per week and even though most were short and pithy – they just overwhelmed  my fb page.


On the alternate week to the newsletter I will produce a Video on one aspect of my work around making learning better – whatever the topic. It will basically be a talking head however I will try and make them interesting enough you can ignore my video quality and enjoy the message to get some key takeaways that are of use in your personal and/or professional journey.

My  first Video should be available during next week with the topic being “Becoming More Organised- My 5 Hot Topics”


As I have written before I really struggle with blogs, probably a negative response to writing all those reports for all those years in all those schools. Thus the new plan is that accompanying the video will be some brief notes and commentary that will support the video. Clearly this blog is really part of my lead in to discussing becoming more organised and a practical demonstration that it is not always easy or happens straight away and it takes real practice.

I hope you enjoy the new format and I would welcome any comments below.

Also when you see the video or get the newsletter or read the blog then please share and support the growth of our Make Learning Better community.

Take care





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