It is a New Year with a (New) Plan

I am really excited about what this year will bring in our ongoing educational adventure to make learning better for children and adults! After just over 6 months of working for myself I think I have a plan! A plan which I hope continues to have some rebel in it! The key elements of my work continue to be:- Curious Stranger (not a critical friend) - working with school communities on improving their educational practice - clearly with a focus on innovation.


I have completely failed writing a regular blog - they either read like a newsletter or from my point of view read as either pompous or totally Naff!

The Queen’s Birthday is Coming

As a profession in SA we have been under siege for some time- I would argue that this is through not much fault of our own - and we must shout out loud that day in day out public education and the folk who work in our public education system do an extraordinary job!

My New (Professional) Life

I move on after the last seven years as Principal of Mark Oliphant College B-12. I must thank everyone for their support of me (and MOC) over those years