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January 22, 2017 4 comments

Becoming more organised was not only an on-going challenge for me during my career it also was one of the main topics of conversation when I began my coaching journeys with other leaders and aspiring leaders.

Hopefully the video has given you most of the relevant information. My goal is that there are at least three takeaways that resonated and you could use tomorrow!

Below is a brief synopsis of those five hot topics and the key points under each.

WORKPLACE (Real and Virtual)

  • Desk
  • Space
  • Files
  • Support – whether you have any or not
  • Waste and clutter
  • Computer –desktops/email

LISTS (Everything and Anything)

  • Write it down
  • Various organizers – Getting Things Done
  • 2 minute rule
  • Personal time
  • How to prioritise – moving between big items

TIME (Priorities and Calendars)

  • Importance of calendar
  • Scheduling
  • Synchronise
  • Blocking time – focus
  • Big Issues (Sir John Jones)

COMMUNICATION (Real and Virtual)

  • Speak to people –listen to people- connection.
  • Don’t make decisions on the run unless crisis (school burning down)
  • Delegated Authority
  • Importance of emails
  • Meeting schedules and protocols

PRACTICE (Reflection and Planning)

  • Will not work all the time – practice is the key
  • This is hard work
  • Planning – scheduling
  • Skill development
  • Reflection and review

Thank you for watching and reading.

If you enjoyed the video and hopefully got some new tips on becoming organized for 2017.

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4 thoughts on “Becoming More Organised”

  1. Thanks Lynne – enjoyed this vid. I agree about the desk – I laugh when I think about what I have kept as paper files “thinking it may be useful”.
    I need to get rid of much of it and will set this as my Week 1-4 goal. Too often I have welcomed people into my office and my greeting includes an apology for the mess – this is not a good beginning and needs to stop. (Thank you for this kick up my …..)
    I am going to try the timetable blocking out and “eat frogs ” when necessary in the morning.
    I love lists and crossing off tasks. Some great ideas presented and very useful – off to do some 2 minute jobs !
    Hope the ankle is healing well.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Beth! Will check on how it is going when our paths next cross! The ankle injury is so boring – but apparently healing – highlight is moon boot this week!

  2. Hi Lynne,

    Really enjoyed this as a young leader. I know a few people who need to listen to this! I stopped on my way to work today to get some files for my desk so I am ready to go.

    Looking forward to the next edition.

    1. Thanks Kirsty – great to see you beginning – remember it takes practice! Newsletter next week then another video.

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