Make Learning Better

This became our mantra at MOC that we applied with a never failing belief that our students could and would achieve.

To that end during the six years from 2010- 2015 we achieved the following by making learning better:-

  • Eighty students were accepted to go to University (in the six years previous to MOC’s establishment less than ten had been accepted)
  • High School completion rates of over 90% for the last three years culminating at 98.6% in 2015, whilst maintaining a plus 90% retention rate through Year 12 (from January to December of the Year 12).
  • Delivered a free 1:1 digital device program for students from Reception (Prep) to Year 12 that truly transformed the curriculum experience.Our leadership in this area also saw MOC continuously recognized as an Apple Distinguished School (2012-2016)
  • Achieved one of the highest growth rates in NAPLaN  for disadvantaged schools – the Australian July 2016
  • MOC was recognised as an educational leader in innovation not only in South Australia, but also throughout Australia. This was recognized in 2015 with “Education Week” listing MOC as one of the 40 most Innovative Schools in Australia.
  • Pioneered Project Based learning as integral part of the curriculum experience K-12 and this work was showcased through our Exhibitions of Learning each term. There are numerous videos of the work presented and the passion of the nights – a 2015 overview can be seen at the MOC Exhibitions of Learning Video
  • Embraced the journey of enhancing wellbeing of our children through embedding positive education including providing allied health services and behavior incentive programs.
  • Pioneered in Australia co-curricular experiences like the Children’s University. This is an amazing international program began in Australia at MOC. Over 100 MOC students have now graduated and been awarded certificates from CU. This learning represents countless hours of voluntary learning, beyond the classroom.
  • Through partnership with the University of Adelaide introduced an on site Master of Education programs and also launched the COMPASS program in South Australia.
  • Hosted our own series of Make Learning Better conferences and workshops which culminates annually in the MLB@MOC conference featuring not only international guests (including Stephen Heppell 2012-2015)  but also showcased the work of our own staff.
  • Became so successful an enrolment zone and cap had to be instituted to ensure that the school size could be managed at 1600 students.